Deadbeat at Dawn

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Deadbeat at Dawn
Directed byJim Van Bebber
Produced byJim Van Bebber
Written byJim Van Bebber
StarringJim Van Bebber
Paul Harper
Megan Murphy
Marc Pitman
Music byNed Folkerth
Mike Pierry
Distributed bySynapse Films
Release date
  • 1988 (1988)
Running time
80 minutes
CountryUnited States

Deadbeat at Dawn is a low-budget film written and directed by Jim Van Bebber and starring Paul Harper, Megan Murphy, and Marc Pitman. The film depicts a street gang leader setting out for revenge against a rival street gang.


The main character is Goose (Van Bebber). Goose is leader of "The Ravens", a street gang located in Dayton, Ohio. The Ravens have an ongoing feud with "The Spiders", led by a sadistic goon called Danny (Paul Harper). Goose loves the criminal life, but when his girlfriend Christie (Megan Murphy) threatens to leave him, he quits the Ravens. First, he goes on one last drug deal to get money to fund a new life with Christie. While he is gone, two Spiders break into Goose's apartment, killing Christie in the process. When Goose finds her body, he feeds her corpse to a trash compactor and then moves in with his Vietnam Veteran junkie father. He then gets drunk at a bar. Later on there is a final showdown with the Spiders.


  • Jim Van Bebber as Goose: Leader of the Ravens and Christie's boyfriend.
  • Paul Harper as Danny: Leader of the Spiders. He is an abusive and misogynistic thug.
  • Megan Murphy as Christie: Goose's girlfriend. She is into mysticism.
    She threatens to leave Goose if he doesn't quit the Ravens.
  • Marc Pitman as Bonecrusher: A member of the Spiders. He is a psychotic man, full of uncontrollable rage.
  • Ric Walker as Keith: The Raven second-in-command, he takes over as leader when Goose quits.

In popular culture[edit]

The goregrind band Impetigo samples the film on their album Horror of the Zombies.

The fastcore band Rupture samples the film on their album Lust And Hate.

The synthwave band Street Cleaner uses a sample of dialogue from Bonecrusher (a character in the film) in their song "Bonecrusher".

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