Deadfall Adventures

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Deadfall Adventures
Deadfall-adventures PC box art.jpg
Box art for the Windows version of the game
Developer(s)The Farm 51
Publisher(s)Nordic Games
Composer(s)Piotr Musial, Pawel Cincio, Arkadiusz Reikowski, Jakub Gawlina
EngineUnreal Engine 3
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Linux
PlayStation 3 [1]
ReleaseMicrosoft Windows, Xbox 360
  • WW: November 15, 2013
PlayStation 3
  • WW: October 28, 2014
Genre(s)First-person shooter, action-adventure
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Deadfall Adventures is an action-adventure video game developed by The Farm 51 and published by Nordic Games. Deadfall: Adventures was released on November 15, 2013 for Windows and Xbox 360, and on October 28, 2014 for PlayStation 3. The game is set in the universe of the Allan Quatermain series, created by H. Rider Haggard.


Deadfall Adventures is a first person action-adventure video game. The protagonist is a treasure hunter. The game takes place during the World War II era. The player fights Nazi soldiers and supernatural enemies through various environments like Egypt, the Arctic, and Maya ruins. The player has a compass that helps him to find hidden treasures which are optional but help in boosting health and stamina. The player also has to avoid and overcome traps and solve puzzles which guard the traps. The player can use Allan Quartermain's notebook which helps them to solve puzzles and overcome traps. Traps can also be used to impale enemies. The player also carries a flashlight which helps them to traverse dark areas and fend off supernatural enemies like mummies which can only be harmed after the player focuses their flashlight to soften them up. The player can use various weapons like revolver and shotgun and can also use a knife for melee combat.[2][3][4]


The story takes place in the year 1938, with players assuming the role of famous adventurer Allan Quartermain's great-grandson, James Lee Quatermain. James's goal is to play escort to a U.S. agent as they travel to Egypt in search for "The Heart of Atlantis". Along the way, rival factions such as the Nazis and Soviets will be looking to obtain this device for their own purposes. Other supernatural elements such as mummies also play a part in the quest for The Heart of Atlantis.


Deadfall Adventures has been developed using Unreal Engine 3.[5] It is reportedly inspired by action adventure books and movies such as Indiana Jones and adventurer Allan Quartermain (from the novels written by Henry Rider Haggard). The development team researched popular films and also took assistance from movie industry professionals to capture the treasure hunting genre’s tone and look. Nordic Games’ Reinhard Pollice stated that there will be advanced graphics and control options for PC players which will allow them to play on multiple system configurations. However, he also stated that they don’t want to make any version of the game better or different.[6] The game was earlier announced to be released on July 30, 2013 but was then delayed to September 27[7] and then to November 15, 2013 when it was finally released.[8] A collector's edition was also released which contains an Allan Quartermain revolver skin for the revolver in single-player mode and three multiplayer skins, a "Making Of" DVD, original soundtrack CD, a printed game manual and a "Bonus Content" DVD which includes an artbook.[9] A beta version for Linux was released on December 31, 2013 for those who bought the Windows version of the game on Steam.[10] On June 11, 2014 the developers announced that a PlayStation 3 version titled Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis will be released in the summer of 2014 with a number of enhancements. The game will include a new co-op survival mode, new boss fights, cutscenes, locations and an improved leveling system. The graphics have also been overhauled, according to the developer.[11]


Aggregate scores
GameRankingsPC: 52.37%[12]
X360: 45.00%[13]
MetacriticPC: 53/100[14]
X360: 43/100[15]
Review scores
Game Informer4/10[17]
OXM (UK)4/10[19]
Hardcore Gamer3/5[20]

The game received a mixed-to-negative reception. It holds a score of 53/100 for the Windows version and 43/100 for the Xbox 360 version. Cameron Woolsey of GameSpot gave it a negative review of 3/10 saying "Deadfall Adventures becomes hopelessly predictable, breaking down into a tiresome formula of kill rooms and effortless puzzles." Craig Pearson of IGN gave it a negative review of 4/10 saying "It's an uninspired retread of good concepts, and an unfortunate visitor into a genre with some genuine giants. It might take you on a long trip across the globe to visit some attractive locations, but by the end the only temples I cared for were throbbing away in my head. ". Jeff Marchiafava of Game Informer gave it a score of 4/10 calling it "An Adventure Best Forgotten". Edge also gave it a review score of 4/10.


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