Deadline (Marvel Comics)

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Cover of the 1st issues
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
Format Mini-series
Publication date(s) June 2002 – September 2002
No. of issues 4
Main character(s) Daily Bugle
Creative team
Written by Bill Rosemann
Artist(s) Guy Davis
Inker(s) Greg Horn

Deadline is a four-issue mini-series that was printed by Marvel Comics in 2002, chronicling the first appearance of Kat Farrell as a newspaper reporter in New York City, stumbling onto a murder case. Kat works at the Daily Bugle, and dealt with major Bugle employees Betty Brant, Ben Urich, Robbie Robertson and J. Jonah Jameson. The series was written by Bill Rosemann, with art by Guy Davis.

A precursor to The Pulse (a series which also featured Kat as a character), the story focuses on a journalist whose career is centered on super powered beings (much to Kat's chagrin).