Deadlock (novel)

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Language English
Series V. I. Warshawski
Genre Crime fiction
Publisher Dell paperback
Publication date
Pages 263
ISBN 0-440-21332-0

Deadlock is a detective novel by Sara Paretsky told in the first person by private eye (Vic) V. I. Warshawski.


Vic goes to the Chicago port to find out about her cousin Boom Boom's death. She believes that Boom Boom was killed. The police believe that this ex-Black Hawks hockey player died in an accident. Vic starts digging for motive and evidence. After two attempts on her life, she finally thinks she has the murder solved but needs strong evidence. To get it, she goes to the yacht of a shipping magnate but is caught by the magnate while she is gathering evidence against him. He confronts her and tells her she is going to die. The book, the second in which Warshawski, a crucial figure in a new breed of female detectives in detective literature, appears, is the basis of the film V.I. Warshawski, starring Kathleen Turner in the title role.[1]

The author was given an award by the Friends of American Writers for the book.[2]


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