Deadly Heroes

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Deadly Heroes
Deadly Heroes.jpg
DVD Cover of 2002 UK DVD Release.
Directed by Menahem Golan
Produced by Damian Lee
Written by Damian Lee
Gregory Lee
Starring Michael Paré
Jan-Michael Vincent
Billy Drago
Claudette Mink
Music by Lawrence Shragge
Cinematography Avraham Karpick
Yelhiel-Hilik Neeman
Edited by Carolle Alain
Distributed by 21st Century Film Corporation
Release date
October 1993 (MIFED)
Running time
104 min
Country Israel
Language English

Deadly Heroes is a direct to video 1993 action film starring Michael Paré, Jan-Michael Vincent and Billy Drago. Directed by Menahem Golan, Deadly Heroes is notable for being one of the last films released under Golan's 21st Century Film Corporation banner. The company went bankrupt shortly thereafter. Deadly Heroes is also one of the last films starring actor Jan-Michael Vincent.

The filming obviously occurs on a small budget.The film's primary filming location is in Israel. To cut costs director Golan uses many of the chase scenes from his 1991 release Killing Streets (also starring Pare). The movie has a similar feel to Golan's earlier and more successful film The Delta Force. The film was later featured in an episode of Cinema Insomnia.[1]


The film starts with a footage of a group of terrorists modifying toy guns to a real gun which can easily pass through a metal detector at Athens Airport. when a kid named Paul Cartowski discovers that the terrorist bring plastic guns, he soon wonders and tells his father who is also a former CIA and Navy SEAL, Brad Cartowski (Michael Paré). Then a gunfight begins and Cartowski is injured during a pursuit when the terrorists take the airport bus. The terrorists kidnaps his wife and fly her on a hijacked plane to North Africa. Cartowski goes in pursuit, aided by another ex-SEAL, Cody Grant (Jan-Michael Vincent).

Cartowski soon finds the terrorists' hide-out but is captured and electro-tortured before he manages to escape. He soon returns with reinforcements of a group of Navy SEAL team to rescue his wife. The group of Navy SEALs sneak in the house with their stealth abilities. Alya, the female terrorist is the first who get killed. Then Patrick, one of the terrorist manage to shoot one of the SEAL in the leg but the SEAL survives and able to playing dead on Patrick then kills him via neck-breaking, The SEAL then continue his mission with his partner.

As Cartowski able to kill another terrorist, he and Cody then ambushes Carlos, the leader of the terrorist group. As Cody shoots Carlos in the head, Cartowki rescues his wife. The mission was a success without a SEAL dies.

As he got a permission from Pentagon, Cartowski manage to blow the terrorist's house with explosions the SEALs plant in the house shortly before the mission starts. The rest of the SEALs doing a small celebration of their success to bring the terrorist down and rescue Cartowski's wife. The film ends with a footage of Cartowski and his wife meets his mother and his son, then they starts to huge each other with happiness of the success of bringing Cartowski's wife back with small injury. The rest of the SEALs especially Cody watch happily when the Cartowki's family reunited successfully


Originally intended for a theatrical release, the film was released directly to videocassette and was given only limited theatrical releases overseas and was screened at various film festivals, including a run at the 1993 MIFED Film Market. The movie has never been released on DVD in the United States and as of January 25, 2010, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has yet to announce any current plans for a Region 1 DVD release.


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