Deadly Illusion

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Deadly Illusion
Deadly Illusion 1987.jpg
Directed by Larry Cohen
William Tannen
Produced by Bill Elliott
Irwin Meyer
Steve Mirkovich
Michael Shapiro
Rodney Sheldon
Michael Tadross
Written by Larry Cohen
Starring Billy Dee Williams
Music by Patrick Gleeson
Cinematography Daniel Pearl
Edited by Steve Mirkovich
Ron Spang
Distributed by CineTel Films
RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video
Release date
October 16, 1987
Running time
87 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Deadly Illusion is a 1987 action/crime thriller film directed by Larry Cohen and William Tannen.[1] It stars Billy Dee Williams, Vanity and Morgan Fairchild.[2]


Hamberger is a freelance private eye without a license and without a car who hangs out at delis looking for potential work. He is approached by a businessman claiming to be Alex Burton who offers him $100,000 to kill his wife Sharon who knows too much about his business dealings. Hamberger accepts a down payment of $25,000 but instead decides to inform Sharon of the plot and helps her flee by plane. Nevertheless Mrs. Burton is soon found shot dead in the house with Hamberger's fingerprints all around the crime scene. After escaping from Detective Lefferts at his apartment Hamberger confronts the businessman at a party. The man attacks him with a scythe and Hamberger throws him out a window. The party guests inform Hamberger that the man was not Mr. Burton at all so Hamberger returns to his apartment where he explains the situation to Detective Lefferts and is taken to view the body of Sharon Burton, who is not the woman he met either. Hamberger uncovers a heroin distribution operation through a link to a modeling agency and seeks to find the real killer before the police take him in for a crime he did not commit, ending in a final armed showdown at Shea Stadium.



Filming took place at Rockefeller Center, Times Square in Manhattan and at Shea Stadium in Queens.[3]


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