Deadly Reunions

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"Deadly Reunions"
X-Men: The Animated Series episode
Magneto X-Men ep4.JPG
Professor X telepathically forcing Magneto to recall his childhood
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 4
Written by Donald F. Glut
Production code 104
Original air date January 23, 1993
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Enter Magneto"
Next →
"Captive Hearts"
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Deadly Reunions is the fourth episode from the first season of the animated TV series X-Men Animated Series. The title "Deadly Reunions" later appeared in a work based on the episode.[1]


"Deadly Reunions" starts at the X-Mansion with Professor X entering the mind of Sabretooth. Professor X witnesses Sabretooth’s tormented thoughts and paranoia. One demon in particular resembles Wolverine. Wolverine is still furious that his old enemy is allowed to remain in the X-Mansion, and he disappears in disgust.

After Sabretooth’s therapy session, the X-Men are alerted that Magneto is attacking another human populated target. Magneto is destroying a chemical plant in order to attract Professor X. Cyclops, Rogue, Storm, and Professor X proceed to the chemical plant, while young Jubilee is left to guard Sabretooth.

At the chemical plant, Cyclops, Rogue and Storm engage Magneto. All three are quickly dispatched, however Professor X enters the chemical plant to confront Magneto. Xavier desperately tries to convince Magneto that his current actions are the same as humanity's past monsters, but his is unconvinced and relates the Mutant race's current struggle to his people's near destruction long ago. Just as Magneto prepares to finish his former friend off, Xavier unleashes a mental barrage and Magneto is tormented by suppressed memories of his childhood in Poland under the ruthless Nazi regime. Forced to remember the horrors he and his family suffered during the Holocaust, he retreats in complete panic and agony.

During all this, Cyclops is rendered unconscious from noxious fumes, and Storm is buried under a collapsed wall with Rogue. Storm’s claustrophobia incapacitates her ability to fight Magneto. Rogue, on the other hand, cannot be kept down for very long. She pulls Storm free from the rubble, and locates Cyclops. Unfortunately, Rogue has to perform CPR on Cyclops, resulting in her temporarily absorbing his mutant power. Rogue is forced to keep her eyes shut or risk destroying everything in her line of sight with Cyclops’ optic energy blasts, and Professor X guides her with his telepathy.

Back at the X-Mansion Jubilee is watching the local news. Senator Robert Kelly announces his candidacy for President. Kelly also announces his mutant policy calling for the internment of all mutants. Sabretooth growls in disgust and complains about his wrist bindings. A naïve Jubilee loosens the restraints, and Sabretooth captures Jubilee. Sabretooth reveals that he is working for Magneto, and his mission is to destroy the X-Mansion. With the X-Men battling Magneto, Sabretooth’s mission is ripe for success.

However, his mission has one unaccounted obstacle. Sabretooth’s archrival leaps from the shadows; as Wolverine did not stray very far. Their battle is interrupted with the return of Professor X and the other X-Men. Xavier firmly reminded Wolverine that the X-Men never seek revenge, even if endangering the members of the team. Jubilee tries to convince Xavier of Sabretooth's malicious intents, however the distraction gives the sadistic mutant the opportunity to slash Wolverine across the torso. Just as he thinks he has Wolverine down, Jubilee, with quick thinking, blasts Sabretooth out of the mansion and he runs off. Although he survives thanks to his healing factor, Wolverine is critically injured and is placed in the infirmary. Later, Xavier apologizes to an unconscious Wolverine for not listening to him. He felt that he was thinking more like Magneto by bringing Sabretooth, an evil mutant, to his cause. He may have failed, but he will not fail again, or else Magneto or those like him will prevail. Finally, Magneto made his choice just like Xavier did. He vowed that Mutants shall "come to him by the thousands" and will destroy Charles Xavier. Afterwards, Magneto hovers away thus ending the episode.


At the height of the series' popularity, Pizza Hut sold two VHS tapes that featured "Night Of The Sentinels (Parts 1 & 2)" and "Enter Magneto"/"Deadly Reunions". Also contained were round-table discussions between prominent names such as X-Men creator Stan Lee and 1990s writer Scott Lobdell.[2]



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