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Deadly Circus Fire
Deadly Circus Fire.jpg
Photo by George Fairbairn
Background information
Origin London, UK
Genres Progressive metal, rock, metal
Years active 2009–present
Members Save Addario - Guitars
Paul P Igoe - Drums
David Pear - Vocals
Mike Enort - Bass Guitar
Past members Adam Grant - Vocals (2009-2016)

Deadly Circus Fire is a four-piece English progressive metal band from London. Formed in early 2009,[1] the group's line-up includes guitarist Save Addario, drummer Paul Igoe, David Pear and bassist Mike Enort.


After completing his music studies in Rome, Save Addario moved to London. Shortly after, he met Paul Igoe who had just moved from Ireland to continue his drumming education. They decided to form a band that would not be traditional and mainstream, yet be accessible and inspiring. So, they began searching for the bassist and lead vocalist of their unnamed collaboration.

The search for a bassist lasted almost a year. They struggled to find a bassist that would be both suitable and passionate for the music they played. Eventually, they found Mike Enort, who lived near Save’s home in Italy. After Enort joined, the group began focusing on finding a vocalist, without initial success. Eventually, they noticed a Kerrang advertisement posted by Adam Grant. An audition was organised, and the band was not hopeful because of how bad the previous auditions had been. Grant, without a microphone, started to improvise over a guitar riff, and the band knew that they had finally found their vocalist.

In less than a year of their formation they had written many songs, five of which were recorded for their EP, Deadly Circus Fire, which the became the band's name. The EP itself was written, recorded, mixed, mastered, and illustrated in its entirety by the band.

The EP received favourable coverage and reviews across most media, with the UK's Prog Magazine,[2] SoundOnSound Magazine,[3] TotalRock Radio "this is REALLY good stuff, clever pounding Prog Rock",[4] Whotune Radio Australia " Awesome, such an original sound, great journey",[5] Best Of Myspace "Proper chugga chugga scary prog metal with more angry energy than a weighted bag of kittens by a river in angry drunk's hand".[6] Multiple tracks off The EP were played on TotalRock Radio, Whotune Radio Australia and Gateway FM.

Deadly Circus Fire performed at the Hammerfest on 17 March 2011 and at the Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival on the Sophie Lancaster stage on 13 August 2011. Although the band was delayed by technical faults, they still performed with a display of showmanship and musical ability.[7] Deadly Circus Fire has toured alongside with Skindred in 2013 and 2015.

The King and The Bishop (2013)[edit]

The band unveiled through Metal Hammer (February 2012 issue) the title of their debut album, "The King and the Bishop". a ten track album divided into two chapters. The album was recorded between September and November 2011 in London at MTR studios with Phil Kinman, who co-produced it alongside the band. It was mastered in New York at Sterling Sound by Ted Jensen. "The King And The Bishop" was scheduled to be released in March 2012, but for technical issues has been postponed to 2013 after being re-mastered at Wired Masters Studios in London by Andy Pearce and Matt Wortham.

On 1 June 2013 "The King And The Bishop" has been worldwide digitally released through all the major on line outlet, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many others. Following outstanding reviews, Deadly Circus Fire's debut album, has been also physically released with Metal Hammer 2013 August issue.

On November 2013, Deadly Circus Fire unveiled their second music video "Her Epitaph" just before embarking on the European Tour alongside British giant "Skindred" and Japanese outfit "Crossfaith". Deadly Circus Fire gained rave live reviews from their outstanding live performances leaving their fans braying for more. Metal Hammer have said "Deadly Circus Fire are one of the best band in prog metal right now.".


CHAPTER ONE / 01. Through the Soil (i.Born ii.Damned iii.Requiem) 02. Her Epitaph (iv.The Return) 03. Nothing 04. Blackout 05. In the Kingdom of Flies

CHAPTER TWO / 06. The King and The Bishop 07. Black Mask 08. Threnody 09. Leviathan 10. The Light Within

The Hydra's Tailor (2015)[edit]

Deadly Circus Fire launched a Pledge campaign on April 2014 to raise funds for the recordings of their 2nd studio album. Following the success of it and raising over £10,000, the band have signed a worldwide record deal with Musicarchy media for the releasing of their new work title "The Hydra's Tailor".

The Hydra's Tailor is the 2nd studio album by Deadly Circus Fire. It was released worldwide via Musicarchy Media on June 16th 2015. The album features 12 tracks:

01. In Darkness We Trust. 02. Animal. 03. Where It Lies. 04. Victim 05. Devil's Opera. 06. Rise Again. 07. Martyrs 08. House Of Plagues. 09. Aeden. 10. The Hydra's Tailor. 11. Turning The Tide. 12. Universe.

Shinigami Fall (2017)[edit]

After Adam's departure in August 2016, Deadly Circus Fire kept performing last few scheduled shows of the 2016, including Euroblast in Germany, as a 3 piece band. During the beginning of 2017 the band kept writing music until when in June 2017 the band announced that David Pear had joined Deadly Circus Fire and a new single "Shinigami Fall" was premiered via Metal Hammer and Prog. Since then, London prog-metallers Deadly Circus Fire have announced a Heavy Metal Truants fundraiser show (August17) and a support slot with Uneven Structure and Voyager(October 17) The Heavy Metal Truants support three charities in equal measure – Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy, Childline/NSPCC and Teenage Cancer Trust; all profit from the show will go directly to them.

Deadly Circus Fire are also scheduled to appear at Hammerfest (10th anniversary) in Wales in March 2018.


  • Deadly Circus Fire EP - 2010
  • The King and the Bishop (Single) - 2012
  • The Light Within (Single) - 2013
  • The King and the Bishop (Debut Studio Album) - 2013
  • The King and the Bishop (Deluxe Edition) - 2013
  • The Hydra's Tailor (2nd Studio Album) - 2015
  • Shinigami Fall (Single) - 2017


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