Deady Sings!

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Deady Sings!
Deady Sings!.jpg
Greatest hits album by Voltaire
Released 2004
Genre Dark Cabaret
Length 33:58
Label Projekt Records
Voltaire chronology
Then and Again
Deady Sings!
Zombie Prostitute...

Deady Sings! is a 2004 greatest hits album by Cuban American dark cabaret/Dark Wave artist Voltaire. It was released in limited numbers by Projekt Records.

The title refers to Deady the Teddy, whom Voltaire created to appear in comic strips. The subtitle of the album is Okay, not really... But his creator does! and according to Voltaire, the album is "the perfect soundtrack for barbecuing cats and plotting world domination!".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Original release Length
1. "The Vampire Club" Boo Hoo (2002) 3:10
2. "BRAINS!" Boo Hoo (2002) 5:14
3. "Graveyard Picnic" Boo Hoo (2002) 3:33
4. "Dead Girls" Almost Human (2000) 4:12
5. "The Headless Waltz" Almost Human (2000) 3:36
6. "Ex-Lover's Lover" The Devil's Bris (1998) 4:48
7. "When You're Evil" The Devil's Bris (1998) 4:36
8. "Goodnight Demonslayer" Then and Again (2004) 4:49