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Deaf CanDo (trade name of the Royal South Australian Deaf Society), is a not for profit community organisation operating in South Australia, it is second oldest charity in South Australia established in 1891[citation needed] providing services and programs to deaf and hearing impaired people. Deaf CanDo’s sister organisation is CanDo4Kids and both organisations are managed by CanDo Group Charities.

Funding for Deaf CanDo is raised through sponsorship, donations, bequests, grants, lotteries and events with 15 per cent of its overall funding coming from the Government. Deaf CanDo is a Charity Direct organisation. It also operates Hearing Loss Solutions SA providing independent audiological services.


The Royal South Australian Deaf Society was established in 1891 and from 2002 the Society was commonly known as DeafSA. In 2006, DeafSA asked for Townsend House (CanDo4Kids) to assist them with the administration of their affairs and from February 2007, DeafSA has been part of the CanDo Group Charities. It was officially rebranded as Deaf CanDo in June 2008.

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