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Dealesville is located in Free State (South African province)
Dealesville is located in South Africa
Dealesville is located in Africa
 Dealesville shown within Free State
Coordinates: 28°40′S 25°46′E / 28.667°S 25.767°E / -28.667; 25.767Coordinates: 28°40′S 25°46′E / 28.667°S 25.767°E / -28.667; 25.767
Country South Africa
Province Free State
District Lejweleputswa
Municipality Tokologo
 • Total 29.31 km2 (11.32 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 5,446
 • Density 190/km2 (480/sq mi)
Racial makeup (2011)[1]
 • Black African 89.4%
 • Coloured 1.3%
 • Indian/Asian 1.8%
 • White 7.3%
 • Other 0.3%
First languages (2011)[1]
 • Tswana 56.9%
 • Xhosa 19.4%
 • Sotho 10.2%
 • Afrikaans 9.0%
 • Other 4.5%
Postal code (street) 9348
PO box 9348
Area code 051

Dealesville is a mixed farming town in the Free State province of South Africa and is surrounded by numerous salt pans. There are many natural springs in the vicinity, most notably Florisbad some 35 km from the town.

The town was established on the farm Klipfontein (Afrikaans for Stone fountain), which was owned by John Henry Deale.[2]

Town some 70 km north-west of Bloemfontein, 55 km south-east of Boshof and 111 km north-east of Kimberley. It was laid out on the farm Klipfontein and named after the owner, John Henry Deale. It was proclaimed a township in 1899 and achieved municipal status in 1914. The spas Baden-Baden and Florisbad are respectively 14 and 37 km from Dealesville.[3]


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Geographic Location[edit]