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Dealing with Destiny

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Dealing with Destiny
Film poster
Directed byColm O'Murchu
Written byPaul Condoleon
Produced byPaul Condoleon
James Condoleon
Theo Aroney
StarringLuke Arnold
Clayton Moss
Roger Sciberras
Steve Maresca
Catherine Farrah
Emma Leonard
Barry Quin
Gillian Cooper
CinematographyBrycen Horne
Edited byNick McDougall
Music byJason Fernandez
Distributed byBlue Pie
Release date
  • 1 September 2011 (2011-09-01)[1][2]

Dealing with Destiny is a 2011 Australian comedy film starring Luke Arnold and is directed by Colm O'Murchu. Dealing with Destiny centers around two friends, Blake and Lloyd, who are brilliant physics students competing for the University Medal on their final day of study. As they and their friends get caught up in a series of last day pranks which backfire, misunderstandings arise amongst them and conflict ensues.



Catherine Brown of Filmink gave it a mixed review saying "the film's biggest flaw is that it plays out more like the pilot of a sitcom, lacking the substance required to make its relatively short eighty-minute running time seem justified." But in its defense she noted the strength of the movie came from the performances of its leads: "Luke Arnold in a likeable performance" and "The film is also worth a look to scope out Australia's emerging acting talent including Clayton Moss, Steve Maresca and Catherine Jermanus."[3] Louise Keller of Urban Cinefile noted in her review "The characters are likable enough and the Sydney settings are appealing although the film lacks a proper storyline which means it plays on a superficial level. University pranks and attractive girls per se do not necessarily make for a complete and satisfying film."[4]

Simon Foster of SBS Movies gave a negative review, saying it was "a college-campus caper that, given its twee bawdiness and stereotypical characterisations, would’ve been right at home on a video store shelf in the early '80s.."[5] September 1, 2011


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