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Dean Beard (August 31, 1935 - April 4, 1989) was an American rockabilly musician, known as the "West Texas Wild Man".[1]

Early life[edit]

Beard was born in Santa Anna, Texas. He was the son of Raymond and Opral (Baker) Beard. He lived in Coleman most of his life. In high school, he and his friends formed a band called the Crew Cats.


He played at a night club with Elvis Presley. Beard's first record "Red Rover"/ "Wake Up Jacob" was released a week later for Fox Records. The record had very little success and so did the label. Months later, they released another single, "Time Is Hangin' Heavy On My Hands" /" Sing, Sing, Sing", to a little more success.

Sun Records[edit]

In 1956 and 1957, he recorded for Sun Records, but none of his songs were released.

Rakin' and Scrapin'[edit]

In 1957, he recorded "Rakin' and Scrapin'" on Edmoral records, and another version a month later at Atlantic Records. He recorded it with, Jimmy Seals on Saxophone and drummer Dash Crofts. He kept making records for Atlantic such as "Party Party". Earlier that year, he teamed up with Slim Willet to write songs together.

Challenge Records[edit]

He recorded for Challenge Records in 1958, and was also a pianist with The Champs, who also had a contract with that label.

In 1959, he got fired from the Champs because he was accused of taking part of the cut meant for Seals and Crofts, but made one more record for Challenge that year.

Later life[edit]

He kept recording for different labels, with less success.

His last single was in 1966 for Sims records. It was called "Are There Honkey Tonks In Heaven" / "Pocketfull Of Stardust". He achieved recognition in the 70s and 80s playing live music.


He died in Coleman, Texas Hospital on April 4, 1989 from health problems.


Year Title Label #
1955 Red Rover / Wake Up, Jacob Fox 45-405
1955 Sing, Sing, Sing / Time Is Hanging Heavy on My Hands Fox 45-408
1957 Rakin and Scrapin / On My Mind Again Edmoral 1011-45
1957 Rakin and Scrapin / On My Mind Again Atlantic 45-1137
1957 Party, Party / Stand By Me Atlantic 45-1162
1958 Hold Me Close / Take Time to Love Me Atlantic 45-1182
1958 Egad, Charlie Brown / Keeper of the Key Challenge 59033
1959 Little Lover / Holding on to a Memory Challenge 59048
1959 Little Koko Herrera / Moon Over Mexico (B-side by Chris & Paul Herrera) Villa 101
1962 (Ciudad) Villa Acuña / The Day That I Lost You Gaylo BM-112
1962 Villa Acuña / The Day That I Lost You Candix 341
1962 Tropical Night / Coffe Break Joed JT-715
1962 The Red Rose / I Don’t Know How Winston 1063
1963 That’s How It gets Sunup / Don’t Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes Winston 1073
1963 My Roberta / No Love for Me Winston 1074
1964 Strawberry Shake / You’re the Nearest Thing to Heaven Gina RT-1116
1965 Party, Party / You Don't Have to Go Home (But You Can’t Stay Here) Sangelo 1/2
1966 Pocketfull of Stardust / (Are There) Honkytonks in Heaven Sims 299
Unreleased songs
  • Don’t Lie to Me
  • I Need Your Love
  • Long Time Gone
  • Rakin’ and Scrapin’ (alt. Version 1)
  • Rakin‘ and Scrapin‘ (alt. Version 2)
  • Rock Around the Town
  • What Can I Do (Version 1)
  • What Can I Do (Version 2)
  • When You’re Gone
  • My Roberta
  • Shiverin’ and Shakin’
  • Party, Party (alt. Version)
  • Boney Shuffle
[status unknown]


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