Dean Carter

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Dean Carter
Born Dean Phillip Carter
(1955-08-30) August 30, 1955 (age 62)
Nome, Alaska
Occupation Freelance television cameraman[1]
Criminal penalty Death
Date April 10 – April 14, 1984[1]
Location(s) San Diego, Oakland, Los Angeles, California, United States
Killed 5

Dean Phillip Carter (born August 30, 1955) is a convicted spree killer currently housed on San Quentin, California's Death row. He has been convicted (trials) of the murder of four women: Susan Knoll, Jillette Mills, Bonnie Guthrie, and Janette Cullins. He was also implicated in the death of Tok Chum Kim.[2][3] On March 25, 1984 Carter raped a woman who survived his attack.[1]


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