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Dean Kay is an entertainer, recording artist, songwriter and music publishing executive.[1]

He began his professional career as a featured entertainer (along with singing partner Hank Jones) on the five-day-a-week daytime Tennessee Ernie Ford Show[2] from San Francisco. They recorded for both Del-Fi Records and RCA Victor.[3]


As a songwriter he provided songs for many top recording artists, including That's Life[4] for Frank Sinatra.[5]

He was COO for Lawrence Welk's music publishing companies for 18 years.[6] He then became President/CEO of PolyGram International Publishing.

Along the way he has been the chief caretaker of the creative treasures of a diverse group of musical geniuses including Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Cole Porter, Elton John, Bernie Taupin, Johnny Horton, Don Williams, Bob McDill, Wayland Holyfield, Ricky Skaggs, Rick Springfield and many others.

Dean sits on the Board of Directors of ASCAP,[7] The National Music Publishers Association (NMPA),[8] The Harry Fox Agency (HFA)[9] and the ASCAP Foundation.[10] Dean's past included stints on the Boards of the Country Music Association (CMA), Academy of Country Music (ACM), the California Copyright Conference (CCC),[11] and the Association of Independent Music Publishers(AIMP).[12]

Dean's daily email news digest, The Dean's List, lists news about music, copyright and new technology in the entertainment industry.[13] The Dean's List and its sister web publication, The ASCAP Daily Brief (powered by The Dean's List)[14] is free for qualified interested parties.[15]


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