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Dean Puckett (15 January 1982) is an English activist and documentary filmmaker.


Dean Puckett is a documentary filmmaker from England. He produced and edited the comedy horror spectacular Loony In The Woods (directed by Leo Leigh), which is set for world wide distribution by Troma Entertainment. His first feature-length documentary, The Elephant in the Room (2008), won best UK documentary at London Independent Film Festival and Best Director at the Portobello Film Festival.

Puckett's second documentary film, The Crisis Of Civilization, based on the book of the same name by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, was exhibited at film festivals.

His new documentary, Grasp The Nettle, was released in 2013. The film was described by The London Film Review as "an intriguing, intimate, and at times quite powerful documentary".[1]

He has directed several music videos and edited the documentary Blackpool Las Vegas of The North, also directed by Leo Leigh and Andy Capper for Vice magazine - VBS TV.


Feature films[edit]

  • Loony in the Woods (Producer) (2006)
  • The Elephant in the Room (2008)
  • The Crisis of Civilization (2011)
  • Grasp the Nettle (2013)



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