Dean of Invention

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Dean of Invention
Dean of Invention Title Screen.jpg
StarringDean Kamen
Joanne Colan
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes8
Original networkPlanet Green

Dean of Invention was a television show starring Dean Kamen and Joanne Colan that premiered on Planet Green on October 22, 2010.[1] The two explored scientific breakthroughs around the world in a variety of fields including aviation, biotechnology, energy, nanotechnology and robotics.[2] The goal of the show was to promote engineering and technology as fun, accessible, and important.[2]

At commercial breaks, Dean Kamen made personal appeals for FIRST[3] as a condition of his involvement with the show.


Meet the Microbots[edit]

"Meet the Microbots" was an exploration of nanotechnology and its applications to medicine.[4]

Building the Bionic Body[edit]

"Building the Bionic Body" explored advances in prosthetics and their use, especially by the US military.[5]

Wired Brain[edit]

"Wired Brain" investigated interfaces between the human brain and computers to eliminate handicaps such as muteness or paralysis.[6]

Robot Revolution[edit]

"Robot Revolution" discussed applications of robots to perform difficult or hazardous tasks in lieu of humans.[7]

Gonzo for Guano[edit]

"Gonzo for Guano" investigated potential energy production from excrement.[8]

Forward Motion[edit]

"Forward Motion" explored innovations in automobile technology including electric cars and driverless cars.[9]

Future Flight[edit]

"Future Flight" followed the pursuit of flying cars,[10] including the Terrafugia Transition.[3]

Re-Gen Revolution[edit]

"Re-Gen Revolution" discussed the possibilities of improving organ donation by creating them artificially.[11]


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