List of Deans of King's College London

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King's College London is unusual among other British universities, in that its Dean is an ordained person, responsible for overseeing the spiritual development and welfare of all students and staff, as well as fostering vocations among the worshiping community.[1]

The original royal charter of King's College London (in 1829) contains, part of its many purposes, the explicit aim of ensuring that its students are provided with an education that considers carefully the spiritual dimension to life. In its history, King's College London deans have been central the aspect of this tradition continues. King's motto of sancte et sapienter or "with holiness and with wisdom" when translated into English, reflects both the university's Anglican roots as well as its ensuing commitment to spiritual life and theology.

The present-day King's College London is inclusive, welcoming students and other individuals from a wide array of background, cultures and religion. Currently the dean is responsible for the university's provision for its diverse community of faiths.[2]

Deans of King's College London[edit]

Richard Harries served as Dean of King's from 1980–1988