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The Deans' Cup is an annual charity basketball game between the law schools of Columbia University (CLS) and New York University (NYU). First held in 2002, the game raises money for public interest and community service organizations at both universities and is sponsored by many large New York City law firms. A game between faculty members of the two schools is held at halftime. The game is the single largest law school event in the United States, and has raised more than a half million dollars for public interest foundations at the two law schools.

The 2015 edition of the Deans' Cup was played on March 27th at New York University's Jerome S. Coles Sports Center. NYU won with a score of 85-80. NYU also won the faculty game.

Past results[edit]

Year Winning Team Losing Team Location Series
2002 Columbia 42 New York University 39 Levien Gymnasium COL 1–0
2003 New York University 37 Columbia 35 Coles Sports Center 1–1
2004 New York University 77 Columbia 75 Levien Gymnasium NYU 2–1
2005 New York University 72 Columbia 66 Coles Sports Center NYU 3–1
2006 Columbia 67 New York University 47 Levien Gymnasium NYU 3–2
2007 New York University 68 Columbia 65 Coles Sports Center NYU 4–2
2008 Columbia 83 New York University 64 Coles Sports Center NYU 4–3
2009 New York University 56 Columbia 53 Levien Gymnasium NYU 5–3
2010 New York University 55 Columbia 45 Levien Gymnasium NYU 6–3
2011 New York University 78 Columbia 67 Coles Sports Center NYU 7–3
2012 New York University 56 Columbia 46 Levien Gymnasium NYU 8–3
2013 New York University 70 Columbia 67 Coles Sports Center NYU 9–3
2014 Columbia 74 New York University 56 Levien Gymnasium NYU 9–4
2015 New York University 85 Columbia 80 Coles Sports Center NYU 10–4

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