Dear Alice

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Dear Alice
Dear Alice.jpg
Directed by Othman Karim
Produced by Malin Holmberg-Karim
Hans Lönnerheden
Written by Othman Karim
Grace Maharaj-Eriksson
Starring Danny Glover
Tuva Novotny
Stefan Sauk
Regina Lund
Ulf Brunnberg
Peter Gardiner
Moses Said
Cinematography Esa Vuorinen
Edited by Katarina Duske
Darek Hodor
Distributed by Nordisk Film
Release date
  • 7 July 2010 (2010-07-07)
Running time
120 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Dear Alice (Swedish: För kärleken) is a 2010 Swedish drama film directed by Othman Karim starring Danny Glover, Tuva Novotny and Peter Gardiner. The film is written by Karim and Grace Maharaj-Eriksson.[1]

Dear Alice competed at the 2010 Moscow Film Festival.[2]


Very different lives, becomes interweaved during what seems like an ordinary day. Franzis Namazi (Danny Glover) is a newly arrived immigrant from Gambia to Sweden.[3] He is about to give up on his little store selling African art. Karin Carlsson-Said (Tuva Novotny)[4] is a lawyer who is about to enter a new important step in her career as a lawyer. Her husband Moses (Peter Gardiner) must send money to his hospitalized father in Uganda, but there are problems with the transaction and has issues with keeping up his work as a Social Worker. Bosse (Ulf Brunnberg) is the TV star who finds out he has been fired off his own show and finds his young wife with another man, Håkan (Stefan Sauk) is a charming celebrity with an alcohol problem and now once again needs help from his lawyer Karin Carlsson-Said.[5][6]



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