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Dear Ephesus was an American Christian Alternative Rock music group from Orlando, Florida. They were voted third-favorite new group of 1997 by HM Magazine readers,[citation needed] and went on to release two albums. The band broke up at the end of the 1990s.

Several members re-formed as Tenderfoot, hoping to fill their Bulletproof Records contract and reach the secular market. They had one release under this name, The Devil And Rock And Roll, in 2000.[1]

Band members[edit]

  • Aaron Wiederspahn – vocals
  • Brett Levsen – guitar
  • Ed Lamoso – guitar
  • Louis Defabrizio – bass
  • Jeff Irizarry – drums



  • The band was notable for their incredibly intense live performances.
  • The hidden track on the album The Consolation Of Pianissimo is not titled Sutton Blaze (as is often cited), but actually Sutton Place, a reference to an apartment complex where a friend lived and band members often hung out.
  • Aaron Weiderspahn is now a writer and director. His first film is The Sensation of Sight (2006), starring David Strathairn and Ian Somerhalder from Lost.
  • Brett Levsen and Edgardo Lamoso are currently playing in The Vanity Plan.
  • Louis Defabrizio currently fronts the band Gasoline Heart along with Jeff Irizarry and John Forston from Squad 5–0.


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