Dear Ruth

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Dear Ruth
Written byNorman Krasna
Date premieredDecember 13, 1944
Place premieredHenry Millers Theatre, Broadway
Original languageEnglish
SettingThe living-room of the Wilkins home, Kew Gardens, Long Island. Late Summer, 1944.

Dear Ruth is a successful Broadway play written by Norman Krasna. It ran for 680 performances.

Krasna had written a serious play, The Man with Blond Hair, which received a tepid response. He said that Moss Hart suggested he write a commercial comedy instead along the lines of Junior Miss. Krasna based the family in the play on that of Groucho Marx, who was a good friend and occasional collaborator.[1] The play was named in honor of Krasna's first wife, Ruth.[2]

The original production of the play was directed by Moss Hart and starred John Dall. It was a big success, running for 680 performances.[3]

Film rights were sold for a reported $450,000 with the proviso that a movie not be made until the play finished a two-year run.[4][5] The film, also titled Dear Ruth, premiered on June 10, 1947.


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