Death, Dungeons and Taxes Party

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Death, Dungeons and Taxes Party

The Death, Dungeons and Taxes Party was a satirical British political party which fielded two candidates in the United Kingdom general election, 2005. They were Brett Harris in Edinburgh East, and Damian Fleck in the City of York.


The party's manifesto advocated reducing the school leaving age to nine, the annexation of France, and the reintroduction of hanging, but only for "minor offences" such as littering. By contrast, murderers would be disembowelled, along with improper users of text language. The proposed rate of tax was 90%.[1] Immigrants would be repelled with boiling oil and longbows at all ports and airports.[2]


In the Edinburgh East constituency, Brett Harris managed to earn 89 votes, representing 0.2% of the turnout.[3] Damien Fleck had equal success in the City of York constituency, earning 93 votes, which also represented 0.2% of the turnout.[4] Both candidates were beaten by all party representatives in their constituencies. Damien Fleck was also beaten by one independent candidate, though he did beat another independent.

Name confusion[edit]

There was some confusion as to the party's name. On official logos and on the BBC website it was referred to as "Dungeons, Death and Taxes Party". However, the two candidates who represented the party in the 2005 general elections stood under the name "Death, Dungeons and Taxes Party". Hence, this was the name listed on most official election websites.[5][6]

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