Death Before Dishonour

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For other uses, see Death Before Dishonor.
Death Before Dishonour
Studio album by The Exploited
Released April 15, 1987[1]
Recorded 1986-1987
Genre Crossover thrash,[2][3] hardcore punk,[3][4] punk rock[2]
Length 39:21
68:15 (reissue)
Label Rough Justice,[5] Spitfire
Producer Dave Pine[5][6]
The Exploited chronology
Horror Epics
Death Before Dishonour
The Massacre
Singles from Death Before Dishonour
  1. "Sexual Favours"
    Released: 1987
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars [7]

Death Before Dishonour is the fifth studio album by the Scottish punk rock band The Exploited. It was released on April 15, 1987 through Rough Justice Records. With this release, The Exploited moved to a more crossover thrash direction. This album was re-released on June 19, 2001 on Spitfire Records and contained an additional seven tracks.[8] A music video of the band playing live with a woman was released for the song "Sexual Favours".[9] "Sexual Favours", a single from the album Death Before Dishonour, was released in 1987. The album ranked in the top 200 of the Britain Alternative Music list.[10]


This album moves away from The Exploited's street punk/Oi! style and moves to a heavier style that has elements of speed metal,[2] crossover thrash[2][3] and hardcore punk.[3][4] Featuring strong elements of metal, punk rock elements are present on the album.[2] The song "Sexual Favours" isn't a metal song and is different from the other songs on the album.[2] The song is notable for its use of female vocals.[2] "Sexual Favours" has a bass line that is similar to the bass line in the Pink Floyd song "Let There Be More Light".[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Anti-UK" – 3:03
  2. "Power Struggle" – 3:34
  3. "Scaling the Derry Wall" – 3:59
  4. "Barry Prossitt" – 3:50
  5. "Don't Really Care" – 3:12
  6. "No Forgiveness" – 3:36
  7. "Death Before Dishonour" – 3:05
  8. "Adding to Their Fears" (Buchan, Nig Swanson) – 2:40
  9. "Police Informer" – 2:42
  10. "Drive Me Insane" (Buchan, Swanson) – 3:44
  11. "Pulling Us Down" – 4:16
  12. "Sexual Favours" – 3:40

CD reissue bonus tracks[edit]

  1. "Drug Squad Man" (Buchan, Swanson) - 4:17
  2. "Privacy Invasion" - 3:50
  3. "Jesus Is Dead" (Buchan, John Duncan) - 3:20
  4. "Politicians" (Buchan, John Duncan) - 2:31
  5. "War Now" - 3:56
  6. "United Chaos and Anarchy" - 4:14
  7. "Sexual Favours" (Dub version) - 3:47


  • Wattie Buchan - Vocals
  • Nig - Guitar[5]
  • Tony Lochiel - Bass[5]
  • Wullie Buchan - Drums, Guitar
  • The Pimmels (Kev The Hammer, Capt. Scarlet, Jim Pimmel) - Additional vocals[11]
  • Rasta Deb, Tracy, Kathie - Backing Vocals, track 12.
  • Morten Lund - Mastering[6]


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