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Death Equinox was a series of four conventions held in Denver, Colorado in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Sponsored by CyberPsychos AOD, and organized by Jasmine Sailing,[1] they focused on alternative culture and art. A usual aspect was that they combined both the transgressive aspects of writing and art with the actual practice of things that would appear in such works.[2] Convention events included standards such as readings and panels but also featured live concerts, play piercing demonstrations, torture readings and Cnidarian sermons.[3] Rev. Ivan Stang hosted a Church of the SubGenius devival at the second Death Equinox convention.[4]

Death Equinox '97[edit]

Death Equinox '98[edit]

Specialized Guests of Honour:

  • Slack-Magickal GoH: Rev. Ivan Stang
  • Master of Toast: Lee Ballentine

Ranchhand Guests of Honour:

  • Audial Distortionist GoH: Little Fyodor
  • Visual Depictionist GoH: T. Motley
  • Veteran Guests: Don Webb, Brian Hodge, and Edward Bryant

Death Equinox '99[edit]

  • General GoH: Larry McCaffery
  • Master of Oration: R. N. Taylor
  • Kink-Artist GoH: Gomez
  • Mad Scientist GoH: Bill Llewellin
  • Veteran Guests: Brian Hodge, Edward Bryant, Lee Ballentine, Little Fyodor, and T. Motley

Death Equinox '01[edit]

Guests of Honour:

  • Avant-Prof GoH: Lance Olsen
  • Visual Depictionist GoH: Andi Olsen
  • Horrific Literatist GoH: Brian Evenson
  • Master of Crack-Toast: Michael Hemmingson
  • Veteran Guests: Larry McCaffery, R. N. Taylor, Edward Bryant, Lee Ballentine, Little Fyodor, T. Motley, and Gomez.

Other known participants (all years)[edit]

  • Jasmine Sailing
  • Bruce Young
  • M. Christian (Eros Ex Machina)
  • Thomas Roche (Noirotica)
  • Paula Guran, (Dark Echo/Wet Bones)
  • Julia Solis (Spitting Image)
  • Greg Bishop (The Excluded Middle)
  • Jeffrey A. Stadt (Bloodrealms)
  • Doug Rice
  • Rob Hardin
  • Loren Rhoads (Morbid Curiosity)
  • Schwann
  • Trace Reddell
  • Gregory R. Hyde
  • Trey R. Barker
  • Christopher Morris*
  • Travis Fendle
  • Gene Santagada
  • Arkoff Kapacitor
  • John Kerper
  • Claudius Reich
  • Judy Saxe
  • Darlene Sexauer
  • John Niernberger
  • Chris Yardley (Tantric Lobotomy Commission)
  • Gordon Klock
  • Alex Seminara


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