Death Ring

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Death Ring
Directed by R.J. Kizer
Written by George T. LeBrun
Mike Norris
Starring Billy Drago
Chad McQueen
Elizabeth Sung
Don Swayze
Ron Thompson
Release date
Running time
91 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Death Ring is a 1992 action film starring Billy Drago, Chad McQueen, Elizabeth Sung, Don Swayze, Ron Thompson and directed by R.J. Kizer.[1][2]


Ex-Green Beret Matt Collins is kidnapped along with his fiancée, Lauren Sadler, by crazed hunter extraordinaire Danton Vachs. Every year he holds a contest where people can purchase the right to hunt down and kill a human being. This time, Collins is to be the hunted. Vachs uses Lauren as motivation for Collins to really fight to survive and thus provide the buyers with a truly exceptional hunt. Collins is turned loose on an uncharted island and four killers set out to find and kill him.[3]



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