Death Train (2006 film)

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Death Train
Directed by Diethard Küster
Produced by Hermann Joha
Written by Cunar Hochheiden
Starring Arnold Vosloo
Mathis Landwehr
Music by Stefan Richter
Country Germany
Language English
Release date
  • 16 March 2006 (2006-03-16)
Running time 93 minutes

Death Train is a 2006 action film, starring Arnold Vosloo and Mathis Landwehr. It was produced by Hermann Joha and directed by Diethard Küster.


Eco-terrorists plant a killer virus on the pilgrimage train to Lourdes and threaten to release it. Lasko, a monk and a former soldier, now has to decide whether to go back on his vows not to fight again in order to save the passengers.



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