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This article is about the movie. For information about structures nicknamed death tunnels, see Tunnel of Death (disambiguation). For the tunnel seen by people close to death, see Near death experience.
Death Tunnel
Film poster
Directed by Philip Adrian Booth
Produced by Christopher Saint Booth,
Shane Dax Taylor
Written by Christopher Saint Booth,
Philip Adrian Booth
Starring Steffany Huckaby,
Annie Burgstede,
Kristin Novak,
Jason Lasater
Music by Christopher Saint Booth
Cinematography Philip Adrian Booth,
Marcel Cabrera,
Roberto Correa
Edited by Philip Adrian Booth
Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (USA),
Columbia TriStar Home Video (UK)
Release date
Running time
91 min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget $1,500,000 (est.)

Death Tunnel is a 2005 horror movie filmed at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium.[1][2] It stars Steffany Huckaby, Annie Burgstede, Kristin Novak, and Jason Lasater.


The movie starts with a blonde, running around with a white towel wrapped around her body. She has a sharp piece of glass in her right hand, and is frightened by what is going on. She hears someone coming, and when that stranger comes, she stabs the person several times, but when she realizes what she has done, she is shocked, and sad. In 1932, in Kentucky, there is a little girl, sitting in a truck with a driver whose face cannot be seen. She asks why she can't enter the sanatorium, and the driver that is seated next to her says that "she" died there. The child then asks who, and the driver is shown to be a gory-faced woman. The scene transitions to Heather (Steffany Huckaby), who was daydreaming about the sanatorium. She is in a college course, studying the "White Plague"(Tuberculosis) and how it took 63,000 lives.

Class is dismissed, and Heather meets up with Tori (Anne Burgstede) and some other girl. While Heather is talking to Tori, a man, who is Richie, slips an invitation into Heather's hand, which reads Truth or Scare. Heather watches Richie as he crosses the street to meet Ashley (Kristin Novak), a snotty rich girl who owns half of Kentucky. The scene then transitions to 5 different girls that have bags over their heads, while a voice is talking over the intercom, speaking "You have 5 hours to get out. One girl is on each floor. 5 girls, 5 hours, 5 floors.

Later that night, Heather and Tori decide to join the party. They are standing by the bar, when Richie(Jason Lasater), comes on stage and tells the crowd that 5 lucky contestants will be picked to stay in Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The scene then goes back to the sanatorium, with the five girls struggling to remove the masks. Some of them find a way out of their masks, while others are struggling. The voice comes on again, repeating itself. While all the college students are working on removing their masks, two men, Mason (Jilan Ghai) and Cameron (Jesse Bernstein) are setting up cameras around the hospital. Cameron is complaining about how the cameras are not going to function, but Mason tells him that they will. Then, something catches their eyes, and the screen fizzes. The screen then cuts back to the party. Richie continues on about the 5 lucky contestants. While Richie is explaining, the cameras focuses on Heater and Tori, but then Ashley walks by and bumps into Tori, telling her to watch where she is going. Tori and Heather then focus on Richie, and burlap sacks cover their heads out of nowhere.

The movie goes back to the sanatorium, but this time, focuses on Devon (Melanie Lewis), Elizabeth (Yolando Pecoraro), and Ashley, who have successfully taken their masks off. The camera focuses on Elizabeth, who is yelling at the camera that she wants to go home. Then the camera switches scenes, watching Ashley. Richie arrives at the sanatorium, only to find that his crew is nowhere to be seen. He watches Ashley, who talks to the camera, tells Richie that he is an incurable, disease-ridden man that is like all of the patients that ever stayed at the hospital. The door then opens. The camera then switches to Elizabeth, who is trying to find a way out. She locates a window, and starts smashing it with her hand, only to receive a severe cut on her palm. The light bulb in her room starts to light up, and the door slowly swings open. Elizabeth walks out, and looks up the staircase, only to see a woman in a white dress. She leans on the post of the stairwell, only to be frightened by the sight of the woman she had previously seen, hanging. She runs back into her room, and closes the door. A person wielding a hatchet starts to break down her door, but abruptly stops, letting Elizabeth go. Devon then is seen walking out of her door. The scene then switches to Heather and Tori, who are questioning why they were chosen. Tori then starts to act strangely, saying "Listen Anne, do hear the train? Ummmmm, I can smell the waffles, Anne. They're cooking it for us." Heather then smacks Tori, and Tori does not remember what happened. Heather then tells Tori that they will find a way, and that they need to stay together.

The scene switches back to Elizabeth, who is walking the halls. She hears a little girl laughing, and finally, she finds a little girl in a white dress, roaming the halls with a tetherball. The little girl rolls the ball to Elizabeth, and Elizabeth does not know what to think, but then she is seen joyful and playful while tossing the ball to the little girl. The ball rolls to a stop, and Elizabeth is again frightful, ad out of nowhere, the ball is lifted into the air by an invisible entity, and is thrown at full speed right at Elizabeth. Elizabeth then stars running, tearing the net out of the door. She tore about half, but then Elizabeth is dragged away. The screen still focuses on the door, and Elizabeth's face is shown mutilated through the door. Devon is shown to be in a locker room, where she discovers a nurse's coat, and a necklace with the initials RJV. She is then seen walking out of the room. Then the view switches to Heather and Tori, but are separated shortly when an elevator opens and Tori is pushed into it.

Ashley is then shown ready to take a shower. Richie is watching her strip, and as he does, she taunts him, telling Richie that he should be lucky to have a girl like her. The showers then go out, and blood starts to pour out from the shower heads. She screams out of fear, but it is shown that she dreamed about the blood. Richie watches as Ashley is screaming. He rushes to the floor that she is on, only to run into Tori, who is screaming at Richie, who she calls Richard, that she is pregnant, and she wants the baby out of her. Richie then runs out of the room when Tori starts bleeding from the vagina. Ashley then spots twins, who are half nude, walking towards her. She runs out of fear, and looks back, only to find that they are not there. She still runs and hears somebody approaching, so she decides to hide behind the corner, and jumps out at the person that was approaching. Ashley brutally wounds the stranger, and stops, but realizes that she murdered her friend, Devon. She runs away at the sight of her best friend's death, and runs into Richie. Richie tells Ashley to calm down.

Heather then runs into the duo and tells them that everyone else is dead. She explains to them about how she got the necklace and she found it on Elizabeth's neck and she told them that she, Ashley, Devon, Tori and Elizabeth are related to someone who is here. Then, Richie explains that the initials stands for Richard James Vanguard who is his grandfather that owns the place. Then, Ashley starts having a fit and she warns Heather that Richie belongs to her and which she decided to leave before being electrocuted by a wire. Then, Heather and Richie escape when they see the mysterious figure seen several times throughout the movie. They hid in the next room where they look at the files and they see that the female doctor had the same look as what Ashley did and Heather confronts Richie about the madness inside the sanitarium and Richie yells at Heather that he had nothing to do with it or his grandfather as well. After hearing the mic that 2 girls remain, Heather and Richie realized about the nurse that falls to her death was none other than Tori and they decided to save Tori by going up to the roof.

The film switches back to the past where a nurse falls to her death. Then, it switches back to Tori who is crying on the roof and which Heather and Richie tried to save her, but Tori tried to walk towards them which she slipped and falls to her death as Heather and Richie watched in fear.

After the voice saying that Heather is remaining, Heather and Richie dig deeper into the walls of the sanitarium where they encounter Vanguard and she told him about why he had done this crazy madness and which he told her that he gave them an agonizing death and disease. Then, Richie shouts at his grandfather because he was a monster and which Vanguard denies Richie and he also told them about Heather and Richie being in love instead of being sick. Then, he mentioned that there is no way out and that the only way to escape is only Death before laughing.

Meanwhile, Richie, waking up after being knocked out, goes over to the other side to find his crew members and a female contestant dead before finally reaching to Heather. After being saved by Richie, Heather, who starts coughing by having the disease, starts to feel sick and which they hear the train and which the 2 of them decided to escape and which Heather told Richie that she wants to find a cure to save them and which Richie told her that it is too late to go back and save them. Then, Heather and Richie saw the mysterious figure, who is revealed that he is God, Life and Death. Then, Richie explains to the figure that he can't have Heather where Richie and Heather escape. Then, Heather explains about going back to save the others and get the cure. Then, it is revealed that the person who died in the beginning of the film and the little girl who asked about who died. Then, it shows the mother's face revealing that it was Heather who died. After this, Richie and Heather are seen outside which Richie saw Heather in her white dress and which Heather was the one and which he kissed her and the 2 of them decided to go back inside to find the cure.

The film ends with Heather lying on the bed before taking away to the tunnel.


  • Steffany Huckaby – Heather
  • Melanie Lewis – Devon
  • Yolanda Pecoraro – Elizabeth
  • Kristin Novak – Ashley
  • Annie Burgstede – Tori
  • Jason Lasater – Richie
  • Gary Wolf – Gio
  • Robyn Corum – Leah
  • Gill Gayle – Professor
  • Brian Dyer – Dr. Vanguard
  • Reenie Varga – Spinal Nurse
  • Jilon Ghai – Mason
  • Jesse Bernstein – Cameron
  • George W. Harr Jr. – Death in Sanatorium
  • B.J. Winslow – Death in Morgue
  • Joan Farrell – Traci


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