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Lava cake has been described as a Death by Chocolate dish.

Death by Chocolate is a colloquial descriptive or marketing term for various cakes and desserts that feature chocolate,[1] especially dark chocolate or cocoa, as the primary ingredient. The phrase is trademarked in some countries, and the dessert is a signature dish of Bennigan's restaurants in the United States.


Some chocolate cakes and Devil's food cakes are called or have the moniker "Death by Chocolate cake",[2][3][4][5] and some of these may be served with a chocolate sauce, such as lava cake.[6] Ingredients used in Death by Chocolate cakes may include basic chocolate cake mix ingredients, chocolate pudding, chocolate chips, shaved or grated chocolate, whipped cream and powdered sugar.[5]


United States[edit]

The trademark for "Death by Chocolate" in the United States is owned by Bennigan's IP LLC restaurants.[7] The initial trademark application was filed by Bennigans on 2 July 2008, and the trademark is due to expire on 9 April 2026.[7] Bennigan's also filed a U.S. trademark registration request for the Death by Chocolate Martini on 20 August 2002, which was registered on 5 August 2003.[8]

The version of Death by Chocolate offered at Bennigan's consists of many ingredients, including two types of ice cream combined with Twix candy bars, which is dipped in a chocolate sauce and served atop crumbed chocolate cookie crust.[9][10][11][12] The dish is accompanied with a side dish of a heated chocolate topping.[11][12]

Bennigan's also purveyed a Martini cocktail named the Death by Chocolate Martini,[13] which was a Martini prepared with the addition of chocolate liqueurs.[8]

Other regions[edit]

In the United Kingdom and European Union,[14] the registered trade mark rights belong to F.T. Wood & Sons Limited.[15][16][17]


Various Death by Chocolate-themed and -named events have occurred, such as fundraisers and charity events that involve the consumption of chocolate-based desserts, dishes and beverages.[18][19][20] Dishes served at Death by Chocolate events have included savory dishes prepared with chocolate, chocolate candy, desserts, brownies, cookies, cakes, cocktails, Martinis and beer, and the events have included chocolatiers.[18][19][20][21]

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