Death of Santiago Pampillón

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Santiago Pampillón (1942–1966) was an Argentine student and activist. He was shot and killed by security forces during a protest in downtown Córdoba in September 1966.[citation needed]

Student Strike[edit]

On the night of 7 September 1966, thousands of students responded to the call for a strike, including Santiago Pampillón. The police were ordered to prevent and suppress the protest and a battle ensued, spanning more than twenty blocks from downtown.[citation needed] Amid the struggle, Pampillón received three shots to the head, fired at close range by a policeman.[citation needed] He was taken to a hospital, where he died on 12 September.[citation needed]

In solidarity with the student movement, the CGT of Córdoba organized a silent march that was later repressed by the police.[citation needed]


Santiago Pampillón was the first casualty in a long series of murders that occurred during the course of the military regime (1966-1973), among others such as Juan José Cabral, Adolfo Bello, Luis Norberto White and Silvia Filler.[citation needed] His death anticipated an escalation of violence that eventually led to full-fledged state terrorism in Argentina.[citation needed] Since then, the Argentine student movement has vindicated his name as a symbol of university activism and worker-student unity.[citation needed]

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