Death of a Composer

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The Death of a Composer is a series of ten opera libretti by Peter Greenaway dealing with the deaths of ten 20th-century composers from Anton Webern to John Lennon. All ten composers left behind ten common clues related to their deaths. Greenaway was interested in this commonality and explored this in the operas, each written or to be written by a different composer. Louis Andriessen finished Rosa - A Horse Drama in 1995. Geoffrey Fallthius is a fictional character from Greenaway's The Falls, a pupil of Tulse Luper. Indeed, aside from Webern and Lennon, all of the composers are fictitious.

  1. Anton Webern 1945
  2. Samuel Bucket 1948
  3. Tora Arcadio 1951
  4. Portala Zick 1952
  5. Antonio Marseil 1955
  6. Juan Manuel de Rosa 1957
  7. Erik Butlitzer 1961
  8. Geoffrey Fallthuis 1968
  9. Corntopia Felixchange 1974
  10. John Lennon 1980