Death of a Legend

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Death of a Legend
Directed by Bill Mason
Produced by Barrie Howells
Written by Bill Mason
Narrated by Stanley Jackson
Music by Eldon Rathburn
Cinematography Bill Mason
Edited by Bill Mason
Release date
Running time
49 min 30 sec
Country Canada
Language English

Death of a Legend was the first of three documentary films by Bill Mason about wolves, helping to dispel the image of wolves as "evil" and demonstrating their role in maintaining the balance of nature. Released in 1971, Death of the Legend was the first documentary to feature footage of wolves being born in the wild, and their first year of life. The film was followed two years later by Mason's feature length theatrical documentary on wolves, Cry of the Wild. Both films were produced by the National Film Board of Canada.[1] Mason completed his third and final film on wolves, Wolf Pack, in 1974.

Awards for the film included two Golden Sheaf Awards and an Etrog Award, now known as the Genie Awards, for Best Colour Cinematography.[2]


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