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Deathline (Redline)
Death line dvd cover.jpg
DVD cover
Directed byTibor Takács
Produced byBrian Irving
Written byTibor Takács
Brian Irving
StarringRutger Hauer
Mark Dacascos
Yvonne Sciò
Music byGuy Zerafa
CinematographyZoltán David
Edited byNeil Grieve
Release date
22 December 1997 (Russia)
Running time
92 minutes

Deathline (Redline) is a 1997 science fiction, action film starring Rutger Hauer and Yvonne Sciò. It was also released under the titles Redline and Armageddon. It is the first film between Rutger Hauer and Mark Dacascos. A Canadian - Dutch co-production it was filmed mainly in Hungary. Just over 92 minutes long.


Wade, Marina and Merrick smuggle goods in from America to a decadent high tech Russia in the near future. On his last job, Wade and his girlfriend are murdered by Merrick.

Realizing he might have some worth, Wade's body is brought back to life by a secret Russian military organisation. He later escapes from a hospital and, helped by Katya who is a double of Marina, goes after Merrick.

However Merrick used the money he stole to buy himself powerful new friends. It also turns out that Merrick is just a pawn in a bigger game with a group that plans on taking Russia over.



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