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Directed byRomuald Karmakar
StarringGötz George
Jürgen Hentsch
Pierre Franckh
Edited byPeter Przygodda
Release date
  • 1995 (1995)

Deathmaker (German: Der Totmacher) is a 1995 German film directed by Romuald Karmakar and starring Götz George, Jürgen Hentsch and Pierre Franckh. The film is based on the transcripts of the interrogation of the notorious serial killer Fritz Haarmann.

The film received several awards and nominations. The film was awarded the Deutscher Filmpreis Best Feature Film, Deutscher Filmpreis Best Direction and Deutscher Filmpreis Best Actor in 1996. Götz George also won the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival for his role. It was chosen as Germany's official submission to the 69th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, but did not manage to receive a nomination.[1][2][3]



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