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For the Indian cricketer, see Debabrata Mukherjee.
Deb Mukherjee
Born Kanpur
Occupation Actor
Spouse(s) Manisha Mukherjee (divorced)
Amrit Mukherjee[1]
Children Sunita Gowariker (Daughter)
Ayan Mukherjee (Son)
Parent(s) Sashadhar Mukherjee
Sati Devi
Relatives Rono Mukherjee (Brother)
Joy Mukherjee (Brother)
Shomu Mukherjee (Brother)
Shubir Mukherjee (Brother)
Shibani Maulik (Sister)
Ashutosh Gowariker (Son-in-law)
See Mukherjee-Samarth family

Deb Mukherjee (or Mukherji) (Bengali: দেব মুখার্জি) is a Bengali Indian actor. His daughter Sunita (from his first marriage) is married to director Ashutosh Gowariker,[1][2] while his son (from his second marriage) is director Ayan Mukerji.[3]

He is part of the famous Mukherjee family which spans four generations. His family has been in the Bollywood industry since the 1930s. His father was Sashadhar Mukherjee, the owner of Filmalaya studios, who produced Love in Shimla (1960).[4] His brothers are Joy Mukherjee, a successful actor in the 1960s and Shomu Mukherjee, the husband of actress Tanuja. His nieces are actresses Kajol and her sister Tanisha. Other members of the Mukherjee-Samarth family include Rani Mukerji and Sharbani Mukherjee.[5]



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