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Shri Debabrata Biswas,(b. September 28, 1945) a politician from All India Forward Bloc, is a Member of the Parliament of India representing West Bengal in the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Parliament.

He was Member of Rajya Sabha for four terms, 3-4-1990 to 2-4-1996, 3-4-1996 to 2-4-2002 and 3-4-2002 to 2-4-2008 and 3-4-2008 to 2-4-2014. However he resigned on 23-9-2008.[1]

In 1997 he was General Secretary, All India Forward Block. He was Leader of AIFB in Rajya Sabha. He is married to Shrimati Swapna Biswas and had one daughter. He resides in Kolkata.[2]


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