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Debbie K. Marquez[1] is a member of the Democratic National Committee from Colorado. A restaurant owner in Edwards, Colorado and past co-chair of the Eagle County Democratic Party, Marquez was elected to the DNC in 2004. As a superdelegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Marquez has publicly supported Barack Obama.


Born in Denver, Colorado, but raised in Los Angeles, California,[2] from the age of 8,[3] Marquez returned to Colorado in 1977[2] and worked in the hotel industry in Denver and Vail[4] as a reservations manager.[3]

After owning and operating a rafting company in Vail,[5] Marquez entered the restaurant business,[4] opening Fiesta's New Mexican Cantina in Edwards, Colorado in 1989.[3] She currently owns and operates the a Mexican restaurant with her sister[6] — their speciality is chicken enchiladas in a creamy jalapeño sauce.[7] Marquez has served as vice president of the Vail Valley Chapter of the Colorado Restaurant Association. She has also been a member of the Colorado Mountain College Latino Advisory Committee, and Vail/Eagle Campus Dean Advisory Committee. Marquez has one daughter, Isabella Francesca.[2]

As a Democratic Party supporter, beginning in Vail in the 1980s,[8] Marquez was elected to posts as a precinct committeeperson, treasurer, and three terms as co-chair for the Eagle County Democratic Party.[2] She was an alternate delegate for Al Gore to the 2000 Democratic National Convention and was elected to the Democratic National Committee in 2004.[9] She is a member of the DNC's Hispanic Caucus,[10] and stood for reelection to a second term on the DNC at the May 2008 Colorado Democratic Party state convention[11] as one of seven candidate for Colorado's three DNC seats.[12]

Marquez occasionally blogs at under the username "greenchiledem."[13] In 2007, Marquez publicly called for the impeachment of U.S. President George W. Bush.[14] She is also the treasurer for the 2008 Congressional campaign of Jared Polis in Colorado's 2nd congressional district.[15]

As a member of the Democratic National Committee, she is a superdelegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention. In October 2007,[16] she announced her intention to vote for New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson,[17] but, after he withdrew from the race, she endorsed Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.[18] Her endorsement came shortly before Colorado's February caucuses and despite personal lobbying from former president Bill Clinton.[19] In April 2008, with nine primary contests remaining, Marquez publicly urged undeclared superdelegates to publicly state their presidential preferences.[20]

Following the convention in August, Marquez was named to the Colorado Latino Advisory Council for Obama's campaign;[21] during the campaign, she hosted bilingual rallies supporting Obama for Latino voters.[22]


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