Debden Windmill

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Debden Mill
Mill name Debden Mill
Mill location TL 555 336
Coordinates 51°58′44″N 0°15′47″E / 51.979°N 0.263°E / 51.979; 0.263Coordinates: 51°58′44″N 0°15′47″E / 51.979°N 0.263°E / 51.979; 0.263
Operator(s) Private
Year built 1796
Purpose Corn mill
Type Tower mill
Storeys Four storeys
No. of sails Four sails
Type of sails Double Patent sails
Windshaft Cast iron
Winding Fantail
No. of pairs of millstones Three pairs

Debden Windmill is a grade II listed[1] Tower mill at Debden, Essex, England which has been converted to residential use.


Debden Windmill was built in 1796, replacing a Post mill which stood nearby. It was insured in 1797 by William Thurgood for £500 including the going gears and stock in trade. The fantail was blown off the mill on 26 March 1882 and the cap and sails were blown off on a Sunday in October 1887.[1] Repairs were completed by 15 March 1888.[2] The mill was working until 1911, in which year the sails and windshaft were removed. The mill was used as a scout hut in the 1930s and was little more than a shell in the 1950s. In 1957, a new cap was fitted and the mill converted to residential use.[1]


Debden Windmill is a four storey tower mill. When working it carried a conical cap with a gallery, winded by a fantail. The windshaft was cast iron and carried four double Patent sails which rotated clockwise. The Brake wheel was wood, driving a cast iron Wallower carried on a wooden Upright Shaft. The wooden Great Spur Wheel drove three pairs of millstones.[1]


  • William Thurgood 1797
  • Isaac Thurgood 1832
  • John Holland Jr 1844
  • John Dennison 1855
  • Frank Holland 1870–1874
  • Alfred Ely 1878–1890
  • Charles (Clap) Ennos & Sons 1894 - 1910

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