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Debed River, Alaverdi, Armenia.jpg
Debed river near Alaverdi
Country Armenia and Georgia
Physical characteristics
Main source 920 m (3,020 ft)
River mouth Kura River
250 m (820 ft)
Length 178 km (111 mi)
Basin features
Basin size 4,050 km2 (1,560 sq mi)

The Debed (Armenian: Դեբեդ) or Debeda (Georgian: დებედა) or Tona (Azerbaijani: Tona) is a river in Armenia and Georgia. It also serves as a natural boundary between Armenia and Georgia at the village Sadakhlo, Georgia.

The river originates in Armenia and is fed by the Dzoraget and Pambak rivers. It ends in Georgia where it feeds into the Khrami, a tributary of Kura River.


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Coordinates: 41°22′N 44°58′E / 41.367°N 44.967°E / 41.367; 44.967