Debela gora

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Debela gora
Debela gora is located in Serbia
Debela gora
Debela gora
Location in Serbia
Highest point
Elevation791 m (2,595 ft) [1]
Coordinates43°53′13″N 20°10′00″E / 43.88694°N 20.16667°E / 43.88694; 20.16667Coordinates: 43°53′13″N 20°10′00″E / 43.88694°N 20.16667°E / 43.88694; 20.16667
Locationcentral Serbia

Debela gora (Serbian: Дебела гора) is a mountain in central Serbia, above the town of Lučani. Its highest peak Branojevac has an elevation of 791 meters above sea level.


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