Debeli Namet

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Debeli Namet is a small glacier below the mountain of Šljeme (2,455 metres (8,054 ft)) in the Durmitor massif, Montenegro. This glacier exists well below the true snowline and is sustained by avalanching snow. Results of recent investigations on the Debeli Namet glacier have been published by a British scientist (Hughes 2007). The Debeli Namet glacier is not quite the southernmost glacier in Europe, as this status currently goes to the Calderone Glacier in Italy.[1]


  1. ^ Hughes, P.D. (2007) Recent behaviour of the Debeli Namet glacier, Durmitor, Montenegro. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 32, 1593-1602.

Coordinates: 43°06′54″N 19°04′03″E / 43.11500°N 19.06750°E / 43.11500; 19.06750