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Studio album by Die Ärzte
Released 1984
Recorded 1984
Genre Punk rock
Length 37:55
Label Columbia
Producer Die Ärzte, Stan Regal, Mattias Härtl
Die Ärzte chronology
Uns geht's prima...
Im Schatten der Ärzte
Singles from Debil
  1. "Paul"
    Released: 1984
  2. "Zu spät"
    Released: 1985

Debil ("Moronic") is the first full-length studio album by Die Ärzte, released in 1984, following the EPs Zu schön, um wahr zu sein! and Uns geht's prima.... The songs "Paul" and "Zu spät" were released as singles, without being successful initially. However, a live version of "Zu spät" was released as a single from the live album Nach uns die Sintflut in 1989 and became a moderate hit in Germany.[citation needed]

In 1987, the Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien (Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons) put the songs "Claudia hat 'nen Schäferhund" and "Schlaflied" on the List of Media Harmful to Young People, with the effect that they could not be sold to minors, nor publicly advertised or displayed. This ban was lifted in 2004, which led to the subsequent reissue of the album (see below).

Track listing[edit]

Jungsseite (“Boys' side”)
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Ärzte-Theme" (instrumental)   Dirk Felsenheimer, Hans Runge & Jan Vetter 2:00
2. "Scheißtyp" (Shitty guy) Felsenheimer, D. Felsenheimer, D. 2:55
3. "Paul (der Bademeister)" (Paul (the pool attendant)) Vetter, J. Vetter, J. 2:26
4. "Kamelralley" (Camel ralley) Felsenheimer, D., Runge, H., & Vetter, J. Runge, H. 4:00
5. "Frank'n'stein" Felsenheimer, D. Felsenheimer, D. 2:38
6. "El cattivo" (Bad in Italian) Vetter, J. Vetter, J. 3:14
7. "Claudia hat 'nen Schäferhund" (Claudia has a German shepherd) Vetter, J. Vetter, J. 2:00
Mädchenseite (“Girls' side”)
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
8. "Mädchen" (Girls) Vetter, J. Vetter, J. 2:55
9. "Mr. Sexpistols" Felsenheimer, D. Felsenheimer, D. 3:13
10. "Micha" Vetter, J. Vetter, J. 2:53
11. "Zu spät" (Too late) Vetter, J. Vetter, J. 2:42
12. "Roter Minirock" (Red miniskirt) Runge, H., & Vetter, J. Runge, H., & Vetter, J. 2:14
13. "Schlaflied" (Lullaby) Vetter, J. Vetter, J. 4:10


Studio album (re-release) by Die Ärzte
Released 21 October 2005
Genre Punk rock
Length 54:34
Label Columbia
Producer Die Ärzte
Die Ärzte chronology
Die Band, die sie Pferd nannten
Bäst of

Following a reevaluation of the record by the BPjM, Debil was reissued on 21 October 2005 as Devil with slightly altered cover art and additional tracks.

Track listing[edit]

I - Reguläres Album “DEBIL” (Regular album)
No. Title Length
1. "Ärzte-Theme" (instrumental) 2:00
2. "Scheißtyp" 2:58
3. "Paul" 2:26
4. "Kamelralley" 4:00
5. "Frank'n'stein" 2:38
6. "El cattivo" 3:12
7. "Claudia hat 'nen Schäferhund" 1:58
8. "Mädchen" 2:55
9. "Mr. Sexpistols" 3:14
10. "Micha" 2:52
11. "Zu spät" 2:43
12. "Roter Minirock" 2:15
13. "Schlaflied" 4:13
II - Bonustracks
No. Title Writer(s) Length
14. "Teenager Liebe" (featuring Axel Knabben; Teenager love) Vetter, J. 2:54
15. "Grace Kelly" (Vetter, J.) Vetter J. 2:18
16. "Ärzte-Theme" (featuring Axel Knabben) Felsenheimer D., Runge, H., & Vetter, J. 1:51
17. "Claudia hat 'nen Schäferhund" (Version vom Unikum-Tapesampler) Vetter, J. 1:55
18. "Füße vom Tisch" (bisher unveröffentlicht) (Feet off the table (previously unreleased)) Felsenheimer, D., & Vetter, J. 2:24
III - Enhanced CD-ROM-Part
No. Title Writer(s) Length
19. "Teddybär – Video" (größtenteils live 1983) (Teddybear (mostly live 1983)) Felsenheimer, D. 3:21
20. "Schlaflied – Video" (Unplugged 2002) Vetter, J. 4:26
  • Tracks 14-16 were previously released on “Original Ärztesoundtrack zum Film ‘Richy Guitar’”.
  • Track 18 also contains a hidden track, dubbed “Sahnie's Collective Wisdom” and credited to Runge (Sahnie). It consists of a single spoken line (“Ey du Blödmann, du hast die falsche Seite aufgelegt”, which means “Hey you dimwit, you've put on the wrong side”), which previously appeared at the beginning of either side of Debil 's MC and vinyl versions.