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Debit Mastercard
Product typeDebit card
CountryUnited States
Related brandsMaestro

The Debit Mastercard[1] is a debit card. It uses the same systems as the standard Mastercard credit card but does not use a line of credit to the customer, instead relying on funds that the customer has in their bank account.


Several banks offer Credit and Debit Mastercard in Algeria (Algeria Gulf Bank, Banque de Développement Local, Crédit Populaire Agricole).[2]


In 2011, Banco de Córdoba started offering Debit Mastercard to its clients, as a direct competitor to the Visa Débito card. However, this would not be a direct replacement of all Maestro cards in the Argentine market, since it will be analyzed with each bank.[3]


As in the UK, in Australia the Debit Mastercard is a competitor to the Visa Debit cards provided by Visa Inc.[4]

The Debit Mastercard was first launched in Australia by Westpac in 2006[5] as an alternative card for the bank's Cirrus cardholders.

The Commonwealth Bank, ME Bank and Westpac are notable for being the only banks in Australia to issue a Debit Mastercard to any account holder age 16 and older,[6][7][8] whereas other institutions require cardholders to be age 18 or older. Notably, Bendigo Bank offer a debit MasterCard for students aged 12 years plus.[9]

Baltic states[edit]

Swedbank has offered Debit Mastercard in Estonia since 2011, Latvia and Lithuania since 2012. Nordea has offered Debit Mastercard in Latvia since 2016. SEB has offered Debit Mastercard and Visa Debit for years equally in the Baltic states, but since March/April 2014 SEB decided to prefer Debit Mastercard as their main debit card, still somewhat offering also Visa Debit.[10][11]


Debit Mastercard was launched in Canada in July 2016 with Bank of Montreal. Similar to most Canadian Visa Debit cards, BMO's Debit Mastercard is co-branded with Interac and operates solely over that network for point-of-sale transactions in Canada, but uses the Mastercard network for Internet and international transactions.[12]


Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Norisbank, Consors Finanz, MLP, netbank, KT Bank, O2 Banking, Fidor Bank and N26 offer Debit Mastercards to their customers.[13] In Germany, the Debit Mastercard is a competitor to the national Girocard.[14]


As of March 2015, all four major Greek banks offer a contactless Debit Mastercard to their clients.

Eurobank Ergasias is replacing its Maestro line of debit cards with a new Debit Mastercard.[15]

The National Bank of Greece (NBG) started replacing its Maestro debit card with a new Debit Mastercard in March 2015.[16] NBG is the last one of the four major Greek banks to offer a Debit Mastercard to its customers, and like Eurobank it only offers this debit card.

The other two major Greek banks offer Debit Mastercard cards as well, but not exclusively. Piraeus Bank has added the option for a Mastercard Debit card[17] alongside the Visa Debit (formerly Visa Electron) card that it had been offering in the past as the exclusive option. Also Alpha Bank offers Debit Mastercard and Debit Mastercard Contactless[18] as one of three options for a debit card. It is not clear which debit card these two banks promote the most to customers that do not have a specific preference.


bunq bank issues a Debit Mastercard to its premium customers.[19] Additionally, ICS issues MasterCard and VISA debit cards including 180-day insurance, which is normally not available on debit cards in the Netherlands.[20]


Major banks like BDO, Metrobank, Security Bank, and PNB issue Debit Mastercard.

The country's largest bank, BDO is the first bank to roll out the first-ever Debit Mastercard with an EMV chip in the Philippines. This is for the enhancement of the security features and also for the safety and security of its cardholders.[21]

Debit Cards like Mastercard are also accepted in several Point of sales in the Philippines.

United Kingdom[edit]

In the United Kingdom, the Debit Mastercard operates alongside Mastercard's established Maestro debit card scheme, which previously were the only debit cards provided by Mastercard. However, almost all providers have switched to issuing Debit Mastercard instead, as the previous Maestro debit cards are not accepted as widely worldwide, unlike the Debit Mastercard which is accepted worldwide wherever Mastercard is accepted. Although, currently, the Maestro scheme still remains in place. The main issuers of Debit Mastercard are Clydesdale Bank (incorporating Yorkshire Bank), Danske Bank, Virgin Money, Metro Bank, Thinkmoney, Monzo Bank, Santander UK, and Starling Bank.[citation needed]

The Debit Mastercard is a competitor to the Visa Debit cards provided by Visa Inc..

United States[edit]

In the United States, unlike Australia and the United Kingdom, three levels of Debit Mastercard are available: Standard, Enhanced, and World.[22] In 2012, there were four levels of Debit Mastercard available: Standard, Gold, Platinum and World.[23]

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