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Industry Television syndication
Founded 2006
Headquarters United States
Parent Lionsgate

Debmar-Mercury is a television syndication company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lionsgate.


Debmar-Mercury was formed from a merger of Debmar Studios and Mercury Entertainment in 2006. On July 12, 2006, Lions Gate Entertainment expanded into television distribution and acquired Debmar-Mercury.[1][2] In November 2006, the company was awarded the syndication rights to Family Feud and industry rumors suggest that the company could also syndicate some classic Goodson-Todman shows.[3] Its logo and mascot is a jaguar jumping out of a filmstrip. On January 11, 2007, 20th Television picked up ad-sales for Debmar-Mercury series in syndication.[4][5]

The 10-90 Model[edit]

Debmar-Mercury is known for pioneering a unique syndication model, known as the "10-90" approach, where the syndicator sells the program to a cable station for a 10-episode test run. If those 10 episodes achieve acceptable ratings, the show would be renewed for an additional 90 episodes. This allows the show to have a profitable life in off-network syndication, in which 100 episodes is considered the desired number for a show to begin entering daily reruns.[6] This unique broadcast syndication model for television was used with the TBS and OWN cable television networks for multiple sitcoms created by the multihyphenate Tyler Perry,[7] and for multiple series with the FX cable television network, featuring the likes of actors Charlie Sheen[8] and Kelsey Grammer and comedians Martin Lawrence, Kevin James[9] and George Lopez.[10]

So far, three shows have failed to reach the ratings threshold for a 90-episode: Comedy Central's Big Lake[11] (2010), which was produced by Funny or Die co-creators Will Ferrell and Adam McKay,[12] and the 2014 FX sitcoms Saint George and Partners.

Partial list of series[edit]

This is the list of series distributed by Debmar-Mercury. Aside the Lionsgate libraries and the Revolution Studios film library, Debmar-Mercury distributes from the following:

Note: Some shows denoted with an asterisk (*) are distributed in conjunction with 20th Television for ad-sales.

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