Debonair (magazine)

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Debonair Cover
Editor Derek Bose
Categories Men's magazine
Frequency Monthly
Year founded 1973
First issue April 1974
Country India
Language English

Debonair is an Indian monthly men's magazine, originally modeled after Playboy.[1]

History and profile[edit]

Debonair was founded in 1973.[2][3] Its first issue was published in April 1974.[4] The founding publisher was Susheel Somani.[2][4] The magazine, best known for its topless female centerfolds, was first edited by Ashok Row Kavi and Anthony Van Braband.[5] Vinod Mehta also worked as the editor of the magazine.[3] Under editor Derek Bose, Debonair was reformatted to remove nudity and target a younger demographic in 2005.[6] It is published on a monthly basis.[2]


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