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Debora Rabbai
Born (1968-01-14) January 14, 1968 (age 53)
Other namesAngora Deb
Alma materAmerican Academy of Dramatic Arts
OccupationVoice actress
Years active1996–present

Debora Rabbai (born January 14, 1968) is an American voice actress based in New York City.


Rabbai is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.[1]

She is best known as the voice of Aika Sumeragi from Agent Aika, Rika Sena from Kare Kano,[2] Hakufu Sonsaku from Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny,[3] Leina from the Queen's Blade series,[4] as well as Futaba Murata and Nayuta Moriyama from Shingu.[5]

Rabbai is an accomplished improv comedian, and is the producer, co-creator and a performer in the musical comedy Broadway’s Next Hit Musical!.[1] She teaches improv comedy at the American Comedy Institute.[6]

Dubbing roles[edit]


Year Title Role Notes Ref.
1996 Battle Arena Toshinden Sofia
1997 Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer Shaia Himazaki
1999 Birdy the Mighty Hazumi Senkawa
1999 Agent Aika Aika Sumeragi As Angora Deb [7][8]
1999 Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight Leaf, Marfa
2000 Geobreeders Kikujima Yuki, Maki Umezaki
2001 Boogiepop Phantom Boogiepop, Tōka Miyashita, Sayako Oikawa
2001 Gokudo Rubette
2002 Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances Sena Rika As Angora Deb [2][8]
2002 Legend of Himiko Shino
2003, 2006 Animation Runner Kuromi Aoi Fukami, Battobi As Angora Deb, 2 seasons [9]
2003 K.O. Beast Mei-Mer
2005 Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars Futaba, Nayuta As Angora Deb [5]
2009 Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny Hakufu Sonsaku As Angora Deb [9][3]
2010 Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin Leina As Angora Deb [4]

Video games[edit]

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2000 Shenmue Ling Sha Hua [9]


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