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Deborah Azzopardi in her London studio garden, February 2014

Deborah Azzopardi (born 1958, in Golders Green) is a contemporary British artist practising the style of Pop Art in London.[1] She has been Practising and developing her style for the last 30 years. She is most noted for her painting "Sssshhh"

Early in her career, Azzopardi was a licensee to The Walt Disney Company. She started painting in her 20s, after having her first child.[2] Following a short illness she devoted her life to her family and art.[3] Reproductions of her work were first sold widely at IKEA.[4] In March 2014, the artist had her first solo UK exhibition staged on Cork Street, London it was a display of originals and limited editions. She also launched a book, published by Iologies Fine Art Publications. As of May 2014, Azzopardi’s originals are sold through the Cynthia Corbett Gallery[5] in London, UK, and the Bonhams and Christie’s auction houses.[6]


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