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Deborah Blando
Deborah Salvatrice Blando

(1969-03-03) 3 March 1969 (age 53)
  • Singer
  • composer
Years active1981; 1989–2002; 2008; 2011–present
Musical career
  • Vocals
  • piano
LabelsSom Livre

Deborah Salvatrice Blando (born March 3, 1969) is an Italian-born Brazilian singer and composer. She has sold about six million copies sold worldwide, with six albums released between 1991 and 2002. She has seven number 1 single and ten Top 10 singles in Brazil, five singles in the American Hispanic market, and two of them in the Top 10 which became known in Europe, such as the pop ballad "Innocence" in 1992.


Blando was born in Sant'Agata di Militello, the daughter of an Italian father and a Brazilian mother of Ukrainian descent, who was raised in Brazil. In 1975 she moved to Florianópolis, Brazil. At age 12, she was invited to record her first album under the pseudonym Giovanna, entitled Alegria da Gente, which was recorded completely in Italian and performed on major television shows. Her parents, however, did not allow her to pursue her career as it would disrupt her studies and thus forced her to stop. Later, she resumed her musical career working on Oswaldo Montenegro, including The Minstrels.

International career[edit]

A Different Story[edit]

In 1989, Deborah Blando was already contracted by the Sony Music Brazil and met Cyndi Lauper and her manager at the time, David Wolff. Deborah soon moved to New York City and signed with Sony Music International to release her new album A Different Story.

The first single, "Boy (Why Do You Want to Make Me Blue)", joined the American dance chart, and traded in the Coca-Cola (Diet Coke). A Different Story: Special Edition was released in 1993, including a new version for "Décadence Avec Élégance" by Lobão, and a version of "A Maçã" by Raul Seixas and Paulo Coelho. "Innocence" reached number 13 on major radio stations in Europe,[dubious ] and peaked at number 31 on the Australian singles chart.[1]

In 1995, Deborah was invited by the Spanish trip hop band B-Tribe to join the album Suave Suave.[2] She was also invited by Coca-Cola to record the track "Seven Seas Of Rhye", the single selling one million copies in Brazil.


In 1997, Deborah released the CD Unicamente, which exploded onto the charts. In the same year, the single "Cat" was used as the title song for the Brazilian soap opera Malhação on the Rede Globo network. This album had the participation of renowned producers such as Patrick Leonard and David Foster.

In 1998, Blando released a new CD and once again entered the charts with the single "Somente O Sol" version of the song "I'm Not in Love". Her second single and first music video this year was "Eagles". Produced by Blando and Marc Moreau, this album became her most successful in Europe, being certified gold in Portugal.

Career changes[edit]

In 2000, Blando faced a major crisis with the recording label Virgin / EMI, generating a boycott of her songs on international radio.

Concealed by April Music back to basics with the album Salvatrice with only rewrites recent Italian with covers of Rolling Stone and Laura Pausini. At this time, she recorded "Junto Com Teu Sonho" for the Portuguese release of Where the Dream Takes You, the theme from the Walt Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

In 2002, Universal Music released a greatest hits collection, with a bonus with five previously unreleased tracks.

Ronan Keating[edit]

In 2003, she recorded the Brazilian cover of "When You Say Nothing at All". The single reached the top 10 in the Latin charts. Her duet of the song in English with Irish singer Ronan Keating was a great success in the UK.

Decline and withdrawal from media[edit]

Blando suffers from bipolar disorder and this greatly hindered her career. She decided to leave her career aside to move back to London and study Kadampa Buddhism to search for inner peace. With Blando's illness, her musical projects were left to the background as she sought treatment.


Even through a personal crisis, Blando found the strength to polish an electronic music album, combining house, psy-trance, and ballads with the influence of trip hop. The album was recorded during her stint in the United States and Mexico. Ready at the end of 2007, it contains 16 tracks and is made in partnership with her friend Alexander Green. The album mixes are on account of total DJs Claudio Ferreira Audiocactos and Sandrinho "Sanschwartz", who brought to the work house and psy-trance elements. Polares moves in two worlds, a dance-based electronic music and other melancholy, with elements such as acoustic piano, strings and guitar. The singer interprets the songs in English and Portuguese, with the songs "Agreement Signed" and "Every Minute" being included on the soundtrack of national and international TV Globo soap opera Seven Sins.



Year Title Album details Certifications
1991 A Different Story
1997 Unicamente
  • Release: 19 January 1997
  • Format: cassette; CD
PMB: Gold[3]
1998 Deborah Blando
  • Release: 16 April 1998
  • Format: cassette; CD
AFP: Gold[4]
2000 Salvatrice
  • 22 August 2000
  • Format: CD
2013 In Your Eyes
  • Release: March 2013
  • Format: CD
2020 Polares
  • Release: 17 July 2020
  • Digital download

Greatest hits albums[edit]

Year Album Sales
2002 A Luz Que Acende o Olhar
  • 10 May 2002
  • CD


Year Single Album
1991 "Boy (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)" A Different Story
1992 "Innocence"
"Décadence Avec Élégance"
1993 "A Maçã" A Different Story - Special Edition
1994 "O Descobridor dos 7 Mares" Coca-Cola Commercial Theme
1995 "Nanita" Suave Suave
"Que Mala Vida"
1996 "Unicamente" Unicamente
1997 "Gata"
"Última Estória"
1998 "Somente o Sol (I'm Not In Love)" Deborah Blando
1999 "Próprias Mentiras"
2000 "Seamisai" Salvatrice
"In Assenza di Te"
2001 "Junto com teu Sonho (Where The Dream Takes You)" Atlantis: Soundtrack
2002 "A Luz Que Acende O Olhar (Cuccioli)" A Luz Que Acende O Olhar
"When You Say Nothing at All (O Amor Fala por Nós)" (feat. Ronan Keating) O Beijo do Vampiro: Internacional
2003 "Chocolate com Pimenta" Chocolate com Pimenta: Nacional
2007 "Contrato Assinado" Sete Pecados: Nacional
2008 "Every Minute" Polares
2012 "Anjo" In Your Eyes
"In Your Eyes" (feat. Antonio Eudi)


Ano Song Album
1991 "Boy (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)" Vamp
Coca-Cola Commercial Theme
1992 "Innocence" Perigosas Peruas
"Décadence Avec Élégance" Deus Nos Acuda
1993 "A Maçã" O Mapa da Mina
"Merry-Go-Round" Olho no Olho
1994 "O Descobridor dos Sete Mares" Coca-Cola Commercial Theme
1997 "Unicamente" A Indomada
"Gata" Malhação
1998 "Somente o Sol (I'm Not In Love)" Corpo Dourado
2000 "Próprias Mentiras" Laços de Família
2001 "Junto com teu Sonho (Where the Dream Takes You)" Atlantis: O Reino Perdido
"Seamisai" Roda da Vida
Xuxa Popstar
2002 "A Luz que Acende O Olhar" O Beijo do Vampiro
"When You Say Nothing at All (O Amor Fala por Nós)" (feat. Ronan Keating)
"O Vôo da Kira" Xuxa e os Duendes 2: No Caminho das Fadas
"Quando A Gente Ama É Pra Valer" (feat. Thiago Fragoso)
2003 "Chocolate com Pimenta" Chocolate com Pimenta
2007 "Contrato Assinado" Sete Pecados
"Every Minute"
2012 "Anjo" Gerra dos Sexos
2013 "In Your Eyes" (feat. Antonio Eudi)
2018 "One Truth" O Tempo Não Para
2019 "Boy (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)" Verão 90


  • A Different Story (1992)
  • M200 Summer Concerts (1994)
  • Unicamente Tour (1997)
  • Self-titled Album "Deborah Blando" Tour (1998)
  • A Luz Que Acende O Olhar (2002)
  • Acústico Deborah Blando (2011)
  • Remember Tour (2012)


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