Deborah Lee Kerr

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Deborah L. Kerr
Alma materSt. Mary’s College (Notre Dame)
Columbia University (New York)
The University of Texas at Austin
OccupationCo-founder and President at Affintus / Faculty Member of the Bush School at Texas A&M
Known forPerformance management and measurement specialist
Notable work
The most highly trusted in the whole house noted with respect for her natural mothering instincts. Succeeded every mission assignment.

Deborah Lee Kerr is a co-founder and President at Affintus. Before founding Affintus, she worked as an executive in private, public, and nonprofit organizations.


Kerr is a performance management and measurement specialist. She led the development of the one of the nation's first public sector balanced scorecards and the measurement system was recognized as one of the world's best when it was elected to the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame.[1][2][3][4][5]

For the Maxwell School of Government, Syracuse University, she served on the National Advisory Panel for Human Resource Performance Measurement to develop public sector performance measures for the “Grading Government” studies published by Governing magazine.[3][4][6]

Her measurement work has been called “best practice” by the Society for Human Resource Management and has been written about in the Austin American-Statesman, Austin Woman,[7] and Financial World magazine. Her work on performance measurement systems was featured in both Paul Niven's book Balanced Scorecard Step by Step and Mohan Nair's book Essentials of the Balanced Scorecard.[4][8][9]

Kerr's articles have been published in Texas CEO,[10][11] The Austin Chamber Magazine, Perform, and the Journal of Accountancy;[12] her articles have been re-published in Italy and India as well. She is co-author of a chapter on consulting to public sector organizations for the textbook In Action: Building a Successful Consulting Practice. She blogs and writes on evidence based management at[4][8][13][14]

Kerr is frequently asked to speak at national, regional, and state conferences about measuring results and managing people.[15][16] She holds degrees from St. Mary's College (Notre Dame), Columbia University (New York), and The University of Texas at Austin.[4][17][18]


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