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Dr. Deborah Rathjen is the head of Bionomics Incorporated. She specializes in inflammation and cell biology.

Bionomics Corporation is based in Thebarton, Adelaide. She is significant in the sense that she started off with a virtual company and has turned Bionomics into a notable Biotechnology/Biomedical firm. Her considerable efforts in the field of biology have been far-reaching and impacting. Her role in the development of cancer treating drugs and other medications is a large contribution to Bionomics' current success in the biotechnology market. Numerous articles have been written about her recent discoveries in cancer treatment and other medical conditions. In recent times she has presided over many contributions to new medical technologies including prostate cancer treatment and anxiety treatment.[1]


Dr. Rathjen's career has been highly distinguished earning herself a Ph.D. and several high positions in several companies. She has a Bachelor of Science, and a PhD. She resigned from Peptech Group to assume a position at Bionomics in 2000. She has been a worker for many years in the industry working in several companies. She is specialized in cell biology, with particular talent in the field of cell inflammation and certain cancers. She has also been assigned a role in The Prime Minister's Science Engineering and Innovation Council and the Federal Government's Industry Research and Development Board.


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